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Our server is back, download the power again to load

New Panel Login:

Note: all options is not included on this list.

Online Players

    Nice Options
    Teleport to Player
    Teleport in there car
    Give All Weapons
    Take all Weapons
    Control Player (teleport to me, animations)
    Freeze Console 
    Copy Outfit
    Rocket Gun (firework, tanks, lasers, etc)
    Shot at Player
    Enable FX (particles)
    Explody Lobby
    Attach to Vehicle
    Give Bullet Explosive
    Give Bullet Money
    Shot at PLayer (laser, firework, space rocket)
    Cage Trap
    Snow Man
    Cage Trap 2
    Give 3 stars

    Vehicle Options
    Kick from Vehicle
    Lauch Vehicle
    Delete Vehicle
    Teleport to Me
    Teleport to Airport
    Max Upgrades
    Fix Vehicle
    Stop Car
    Flip Vehicle Upright
    Randon Paint
    TowTruck Mod (up, right, front, down, left, behind)

    PigBack 1, 2 and 3
    Rape Player
    Stop Animation
    Water Hydrant
    Clone Dancing
    Attach Clone
    Clown Dancing
    Stripper Dancing
    Attach Ped Raping
    PigBack 1 and 2
    Fuck and Rape Player

    40k Bags
    Xmas Trees
    Boxing Gloves
    Neon Signs
    Gold Crates
    Weed Palets
    Bumber Cars
    Shopping Trolley
    Bank Safes

    More than 30 props

    Send Enemys
    8 diffetents peds


   Main Features

    Self Options
    God Mode
    Never Wanted
    Unlimited Ammo
    Super Run (2x)
    Super Jump
    Show whos talkin
    Off Radar
    Reaveal all players
    Money Rain
    Fake Bounty (2m)
    Esp Trace
    Super Man
    No Reload
    Ghost Rider
    Ghost Rider with Fire
    Get All Weapons
    Change Name
    No fall of vehicle
    Fire ammmo
    1 shot 1 kill
    Explosive Ammo
    Explosive Melee

     Vehicle Options
     God Mod
     Max Ups
     Speed Mod
     Super Brake
     Drive on Water
     Modded Ramp Car
     Delete Ramp
     Rainbow Smoke Car
     Rainbow Neons
     No Colision
     Super RPM
     Drift Mod
     Rainbow Color
     Open Doors
     Teleport to Nearest Car
     Guns (Rocket, laser, granade, laser 2)
     Neons (Red, Blue,Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple)

     Tunning Mods
     Full Upgrade
     Randon Wheels
     Randon Horn
     Randon Color

    Vehicle Creator (W.I.P)
    Create your own car, with props, and full props control XYZ

    Spawn all vehicles, by category
    Object Spawn
    14 objects and manage options (XYZ)

    Weapons Options
    Get All Weapons
    Take all Weapons
    Modded Guns (Object gun, Gravity Gun, Clone Gun, Delete Gun)
    FX Effetc Gun (alien teleport, purple smoke, etc)
    Rainbow Gun
    Force Gun
    Shoot Explosion
    Shot $2000
    Teleport Gun
    Shot Water
    Misc Options

    Police Officer
    Randon Outfit (amazing)
    Outfit Loop

    Walking Types
    Defaul Male and Female, Drunk, Limp, Fatass, Hicker, Bussines, Running)

    14 pre-made scenarios anims

    20 pre-made anims

     Tunables Edit
     Enable Snow
     Enable Christmas DLC
     Enable New Year DLC
     Enable Ind. Day DLC
     Enable Valentines DLC
     Free Stores (all free)
     Disable Bad Sport

    Modder Protection (W.I.P)
    Anim, Teleports, Objects, Vehicle, Clear area, Remove weapons, explosion, eletrocute, burn and water protection

     Map Mods
     6 map mods 

    213 places to teleport

    Weather Options
    Hours Editor
    All Weather (extra sunny, rains, clear, etc)

    Model Changer
    462 diffetens models

    All Players Options
    Teleport all to me
    Stop Anim
    Pole Dance
    Lap Dance
    Take all weapons
    Send Message (with color selector)
    Rocket Gun
    Shoot at all
    Money Lobby
    Money (front)
    Shoot at all (lasers)
    Shoot at all (fireworks)
    Shoot at all (space rocket)

    Recovery Options
    Unlock All
    + 1000 snacks
    + 1000 armors
    + 1000 fireworks
    Remove Bad Sport
    Skip Tutorial
    Clean Reports
    Rank Selector
    Set Randon KD


Our server panel is under maintenance, we will be back soon.

Our Server panel is under maintenance, we'll be back soon.

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